Teen Fidelity

Ok I am reviewing the whole Kelly Madison franchise and Teen Fidelity, of course, is one of the flagships of this netowrk.  The only thing that I really have to bitch about, is the fact that there is only one stunt cock, for the most part, and as awesome as he is, I would like some variety, you know.  What else can I say, the content is on point, the models are ridiculous and the theme is always, hardcore action, with carefully constructed skits to get you into the scene in 5 seconds flat.

I have a good mix of trailers from this site, actually, in the official tube, attached to hotnetbabes.com.  In the many years  have been running this site, believe me, I have seen my share of porn sites come and go, but this one has thus far, withstood the test of time, and that’s gotta say something, on the nature and the quality of the material that you can go ga ga over, as an exclusive member.  So check them out and if you dig it, please leave us what your thoughts are on your particular experience.

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