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What else can I say, 1by-day is literally, the Hustler of Porn in Europe. Read on about this 1By Day Review.  They have so much pussy on tap, it’s just ridiculous. With over 800 Exclusive Babes for you to jack off over, it will be truly an amazing thing if you can download the site in a month. So as far as value, it’s there i a big way. 40 bucks for over 1 Tb of porn in high definition is a steal by any stretch of the imagination. This is the personal site of DennyDeFranco, the legendary photographer that put European pussy on the map in 1994. He had been doing photography for far longer than that. As wit each and every website in the DDF universe, as a member, you get access to images in multiple formats, .zip downloads, full length scenes in a variety of sizes as well, with other little bonuses and xtras for you to enjoy as well.

Reviewing sites like this, with the companies, literally shitting excellence, it’s not hard to see why at the heyday of the internet, this site was one of the premiere destinations of the internet. Do I personally recommend this site? You bet your ass I do and here’s why. There sheer volume, quality and data rates of the content. By data rate, I mean the rate of the information going through the video to show you how amaingly good it is, or how utterly bad it sucks fucking balls. Some companies cheat you on the data rate. For instance, a proper HD video had about 8-12 mb/sec of data flowing through it. A skimpy video with data rate will have artifacts making the movies themselves quite pixelated. DDF does not do this. DDF is one of those sites that keeps you going because you know in your heart that the movie you save to beat off to later, will still look absolutely fucking stellar 10 years from now when you visit your stash again to beat off over your favorite girls. To me, that stamp of quality is worth a review AND it is mos def worth the price of admission…

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