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18 Eighteeen Magazine is the brainchild of the Score Group.  You know, the adult network that has brought such magazines and websites such as Score, Legsex, etc.  This site is quality.  I know that people say that every site is quality… no!  We don’t do that shit.  We are 200% open and honest about everything, it’s just better, and fits into our model, quite well.  That being said, I would say that by the sheer amount of content that this coed site has, it would be considered a “must see” by us.  You get tens of thousands of exclusive teen porn content as well as over 100 movies that are also exclusive.  The coed babes here are very pretty.  They just don’t drag anyone off the street to model for this site, it looks like they, pretty much go for quality, 24/7.  If this might be what you’re looking for, then for the love of God, give this site a try.  Also check out the video review below, to take a visual tour, like we did when we checked out the site.

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