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So you’re into Big Fat Asses, you know, the Apple Bottom thing, so you want a Bootylicious Review right? Well a little bit of a backstory with this site. It is a part of the Score network. You know Score, the Big Tit magazine that has been around since the early 90’s. Yes, Score has their hands in alot of stuff and the same photogs that shoot for Score, shoot for Bootylicious as well. As you guessed, Bootylicious is all about the ass fetish. Not a true ass fetish, but a stylized version of it. Including lots and lots of fucking and ass play with various lotions and oils. There are a good amount of women here in the Members Area, and, of course, a good lot of them are Busty, which makes sense, since Score moves it’s models across multiple sites.

Does that mean that it’s absolutely not worth joining? No not at all, there are exclusive models across the Score network, they are cool like that, not like some other sites that have, pretty much exactly the same content everywhere on multiple sites. Check out the movie trailers! They are HD and really give you a good idea about the overall quality of the content that lies within. In addition, they have over 150 models, 90+ vids mpeg (older movies), also note that the newer movies stream in either 480 or HDV 720p. They have interviews, wallpapers of your favorite asses, not to mention 85 back issues and a good amount of the archive content that goes with them. Imho, mos def worth a join, but if I were you, I would opt for the Score network as well, bundled into your purchase, to really get the full effect of the sheer amount of flesh this network has on hand on the day to day…

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