Hot Net Babes Update Archive

Welcome to my Hot Net Babes Update Archive.  Here, you will experience what I’ve been up to as far as growing this domain into one of the largest hot babe online directories on the net.  Check back often for bug fixes, updates and announcements.

Winter 2021 / December 24 – Hola, it’s been a minute.  Got really sick for like 3 weeks, and didn’t really do shit as far as getting to my sponsors, tbh.  But this week, I’m going to be getting back to content creators for now.  When I’ve exhausted the list I already have in que, then i’ll be doing sponsor content for a couple of months, then jumping on the tube.  I’m back at work full time, so i’ll be doing all of this when I can, peeps.  Merry Christmas!!!

Fall 2021 / December 1 – Hey all, I’m going to be getting back to sponsor content, probably until the first of the year.  This is network wide, so this message is on all of my visual directories.  And I will be here off and on adding other niches that happen to have busty bbw content until then.  The first of the year, back to bi weekly updates and resuming indexing content creators.  You’ll also note that the image galleries have different rollovers now, this is my 6.2.5 update, but I’m taking my time with it.

Fall 2021 / November 14 – Ok I’m getting to the part where I started to include content creators last year, as with all of my directories, with the “only fans” snafu earlier this year, I am redirecting all traffic from only fans back to the content creators social media accounts or link tree pages.  I’m just a smidge past being 3/4 done with the revamp.  Also clearing out dead galleries and 404 sites while I’m at it.

Fall 2021 / November 12 – Hey everyone, Version 6.2 will be coming at ya in the next couple of days as well as a new wall of content creators!  Very happy to be able to get around with revamping this adult visual directory and her sister site this holiday season!

Fall 2021 / October 7 – Hello, it’s been awhile.  I’m remastering 2 of my membership sites, it has to be done.  I will be back here working on updating this visual babe directory to version 6.2.  This will include new urls for the content creators, moving away from linking them to their membership platforms to more of a social media based tab library of where you can find your favorite models.  This home page will also be revamped.  I’ll still be tinkering with SEO.  The traffic to this domain is unacceptable, I’ll be rectifying that as well.  Today, core updates, new GDPR, bringing back the ratings system, a core update for our babe tube.  Popular models are now replaced with another indexing framework, not as pretty, but much more efficient.  Those are just some of the changes you’ll be seeing here this fall!

Summer 2021 / August 12 – Hey everyone.  Doing the last pat of the version 6 update today as well as throwing up a new wall of content creators.  So i’ll be doing some social media stuff, adding modules.  I’ve opened up the pipes with my server and this domain since I think we’re ready for “prime time” now.  With going on 400 Babes sites, content creators and erotic models, we’re already larger than most of our competition.  So you should be surfing my baby about 3x what you were about 30 minutes ago.  “Hot Babe of the Week” gets a new archive, the image is much smaller now for my desktop surfers.  With these upgrades, that should round out things here.

Summer 2021 / July 28 – Ok I caved, this new redesign, I’m going to throw into in update that is version 6.  You should notice a significant increase in speed as of this writing, since now the load size is about 1/3 of what it was.  So let’s see how the minimalist route goes, shall we?

Summer 2021 / July 22 – I forgot to mention that a new library called “Babe Reviews” will also be worked on and completed next week.  Also reverting back to the old gallery design for indeed models.  I’ll still use the new gallery format, but they will be for exclusive gallery sets from our sponsors.  This page is also a part of the Version 6 update.

Summer 2021 / July 9 – Hey there peeps, a very large update tonight and probably some of tomorrow, as I start migrating 404 babe sites from years past.  If we’re going to be an adult babe directory, we are going to have all aspects of what that emcompasses covered.  So we are growing up as a visual babe directory and that’s a good thing.  After this migration is done, I’ll be adding a new wall of content creators as well.  So there’s that.

Summer 2021 / June 21 – Hey all, adding a new wall of models this evening as well as spending a couple of days, at least, re working and optimizing this visual babe directory.  Some minor updates, like the button below, but nothing major going on this week!

Spring 2021 / May 30 – Welcome to Version 6, peeps.  Every page will be affected by this update, and it will take a couple of weeks.  All core files, again updated, data pipes have been cleaned.  And this update is mainly visual with a deeper blue color scheme.

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